What can I buy in Massachusetts with $500,000?

If you’re unsure what town(s) you can afford, or where you can get the most house for your money, you need to check out Random Home in MA. This is a Torii tool where you can put in a price maximum and see random homes for sale in Massachusetts. It could be a cottage on the Cape or a mansion in the west side of the state… who knows! Here are two we found that are currently on the market and worth a shoutout.

For $479,000 you can be the owner of 812 square feet of space in Chelsea, MA (you can see the listing here). (Not sure if that’s a good price-per-square-foot for Chelsea? We have a tool for that! Torii’s Monthly Market report shows you what properties sold for last month by zip code.)

We love: the light-filled rooms, the modern kitchen, and the gleaming hardwood floors.


For $475,000 you could own a 2,540 square foot home in Groton, MA, which is about an hour’s drive outside of Boston. (See the listing here!) 

We love: A 2-car garage, wooded views, and master bedroom suites on both the first and second floors make this adorable home a suburban oasis. Groton is close to the commuter rail station in Ayer, meaning within an hour you can be to Boston by train. 

Which would you choose?

If you haven’t checked out the Random Home in MA site, definitely head over there. It’s addictive!

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