Home prices and volume up slightly in November – Boston Real Estate Trends

Month-over-month, Boston area prices are up very slightly. In our October report, the median price was $565,500. In November, the median sale price was $575,000, or an increase of about 1.7%. However, list price to sale price was flat, with the median list price also at $575,000. See the whole report here, or see more details below.

Check out the whole November report here

I found this pretty interesting. From November 2016 to November 2017, prices went up 8.8%. In the past year, however, they were up only 4.55%. While that’s historically still a very decent increase, it’s quite a bit off from the previous year.

A few highlights

6 zip codes (02210, 02210, 02108, 02215, 02116, 02115; all in Boston proper) had sale prices above $1,000 per square foot. 02110 (Waterfront area) was the highest at $1,349/sf. In June, 10 zip codes were above the $1,000/sf price point, including one in Cambridge.

Newton Center (02459) is, yet again, the fastest moving zip code in the area, with homes there on the market for a median 8 days. However, sale prices are below list prices there this month. Median list price was $1,174,000. Median sale price was much lower at $1,120,000.

Seaport/Fort Point (02210) was in one of those 6 zip codes mentioned above at $1,194/sf, but housing stock there was on the market longer than any other zip code, at a median of 60 days.

For the whole report for November 2018 click here. If you’re getting ready to buy, get in touch.

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