U.S. News Ranks Boston on List of Best Places to Live

U.S. News analyzes 125+ metro areas each year to find the best place to live, based on quality of life, the job market, and people’s desire to live in each metro area. 

View of modern buildings in Back Bay, in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Boston is ranked #27 in Best Places to Live and #25 in Best Places to Retire for 2019.

Did you know…Housing costs in Boston, according to U.S. News, averaged $423,450 in 2018 vs. the US average $227,025. While that is nearly double the national average, Bostonians also have a higher salary on average, and the Boston area has a lower unemployment rate.

The average annual salary of Bostonians was $65,420 in 2018, compared to the US average $50,620. And, according to U.S. News, Boston has a healthier job market than similarly sized metro areas. This is based on the unemployment rate in the metro area (0.8% lower than the national average in 2018) and average salary, as a measure of earning potential.

Aside from earning potential and housing costs, a major consideration for home purchasers is the quality of schools and education.

Fifty-seven high schools in the Boston area are ranked on the “Best High Schools” report, also from U.S. News. Boston is also home to 50 colleges and/or universities, bringing many academics to the area. 

How safe is it to live in Boston? Boston has a lower crime rate than similarly sized metro areas, according to U.S. News. Violent crime over time has decreased in Boston, showing even more promise for the future.

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